Pagans of the East

Some of my favorite moments from my trip to New York were those that I shared with a group of environmentally-oriented pagans. They immediately welcomed me with open arms and hearts, included me in their ritual for the Autumnal Equinox and place in the People’s Climate March. Friendly, powerful people doing some of the hard work our planet desperately requires. I wanted to give them a little shout-out here, it is my hope we can connect with them again and perhaps work together from our respective coasts to contribute ritual or other efforts for environmental causes- which are exceptionally close to every pagan’s heart, I’m sure.

I’ve found their blog at Courtney Weber, their organizer, was exceedingly nice to me and a very skilled leader. All the members were passionate, funny, kind , highly intelligent individuals positively bursting with talents of every sort.

I talked at length with Anaise Ring, an amazing woman with a triumphant life story, who crafts beautiful objects from metal and stones and infuses them with every ounce of positive intention she can. She was wonderfully generous with me and bestowed on me several precious gifts I shared with a couple people at the meeting yesterday. I can attest to the quality and energy of her work, and as an independent artist who has put a lot into what she considers her passion, if you have a need for any of the things she makes, please consider supporting her. Her prices are absurdly reasonable and she often offers coupons on her Facebook page (under her name- Anaise Ring). She also often does commissions and will essentially make you whatever you want with the stones and design of your choice- just send her a message. And tell her Rowan sent you!

I also spoke with a fellow named George Courtney, who works as an astrologer. He is a very fun guy and very smart, we talked a lot about dance, martial arts, and biopsychology. He was very perceptive and was able to tell me a vast quantity of information about star and planetary positions and their relation to me. If you are interested, he has a Facebook page for his work specifically at:

I was astonished and honored to be invited to call the Western quarter for them during their Mabon ritual. It was an intense experience of tangible power (we were all pretty amped for the climate march the following day) and being in Central Park on a gorgeous day contributed to that, as did song, dance, and drums. I’m hoping we can do a similar ritual sometime and incorporate music more into our practice- I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels strongly about the combination of music and magic. If you have any talents in that direction, or really, if you love music and want to share this love with us, please let me know!

There were many other members in attendance, but I unfortunately did not get as specific information if they do work in the pagan community. Hopefully though, if we manage to foster a bond between our groups, we will continue to find out more.

Pictures exist somewhere on Patrick’s and Nell Rose’s phones- they are both too busy for words, but perhaps I will get a hold of those shots soon.

MANY thanks again to the Pagan Environmental Coalition of NYC, and blessed be!


MPA Treasurer


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