Auspicious Beginnings

‘O Artemis, queen of the groves, thou who in solitude lovest thy mountain-haunts, and who upon the solitary mountains art alone held holy, change for the better these dark, ill-omened threats. O great goddess of the woods and groves, bright orb of heaven, glory of the night, by whose changing beams the universe shines clear.

from Phaedra (Seneca, 54 C.E.)

And so it was on this first of many nights, candles flickering low and sweet under Harvest Moon, set to guide us into community once more. We were joined by many new faces and by those who return, as we were by the trees, amethyst, and positive intentions.

How wonderful to see so many express an interest in our group! It was truly a pleasure to meet and converse with each one of you, and I hope for your continued attendance as you can, want, or need a space for a pagan-oriented or affiliated aspect of yourself.

We spoke during the meeting about what we would like to experience going forward. In terms of concrete and tangible desires, there were many common themes. A few mentioned potential field trips- to the ocean, to the redwoods, or to visit others in the community who specialize in a particular area of our interest.

Perhaps it is due to the academic environment our club calls home, but it appears that many are drawn to our meetings by an enthusiastic and insatiable desire for knowledge. I believe we are bound by a certain mutual belief that growth is governed by a willingness to open and expand the mind. In the past, we have conducted workshops and hosted guests with great success, and continue to ask for new ideas regarding new undertakings. Subjects mentioned last night include:

  • cord magic
  • aspects of the Goddess
  • music – circle singing, chanting, sound healing, drumming
  • plants and herbs – for ritual and for healing
  • tarot

And others!<
I also wanted to draw attention to a desire one new member expressed for a community of mutual support who manifest proactive or positive energy for one another, and who work together towards a common goal. I feel this is an excellent concept to champion as we enter this new semester, particularly in light of some recent events in the spiritual community of our school. (If you are particularly interested in promoting interfaith relations, I urge you to connect with the Mills Interfaith Alliance, who focus on intersectionality.)

Remember: The circle is open, but unbroken.

Blessed be.

MPA Treasurer


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