Gather ’round, O Pagans of Mills!

I’ve started this blog to maintain a record of some of our more interesting explorations or any momentous events. Consider it an online, collaborative ‘Book of Shadows’, if you will. Hopefully, this may also a way to keep in touch with past members who have moved on, pursuing their path as we must, but who still wish to maintain a connection to our group and our activities.

Always, we welcome discussion and input from our members, as well as questions or requests (perhaps even some casual chatter). Please, feel free to comment with any of the above, or if there is a post you would like to contribute I’m open to receiving emails at my personal account, rweir@mills.edu.

Over the course of the semester and beyond, I’m hoping to do a minimum of weekly updates (barring the influence of life or other unforeseen twists of fate), but perhaps as we get going, there may be even more to say.

For the time being, I bid you welcome, and many blessings for the coming year.

Blessed be!




One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Hello Everyone, It’s Heaven. I did the “Feast of Orsel” Bear Full Moon ritual with you last week. I would liek to request that you gather together and do some magic on election day. We really need it!

    Blessed Be,
    Heaven Walker
    Dianic High Priestess
    Humanities Professor


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